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Can't unsupress flat-pattern

Question asked by Aleksandras Korolkovas on Aug 9, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by Aleksandras Korolkovas


I have add-in which saving all sheet metal parts and bodies from the assembly in to the dxf files. But some of the parts are saved in bend position. I found what happens. All those parts have feature pattern and:

1) Patterned feature is hole wizard type.

2) Pattern suppression state is driven by equation.

3) Under these conditions flat pattern even does not have suppress/unsuppress button in feature context menu. But is still possible make it flattern from the ribbon panel and creates flat pattern in drawing.


Because it can't suppress/unsuppress from context menu, it also can't flattern while running add-in command which saving to dxf. Without condition number 2 (disabled equation) it lets unsuppress and saving dxf properly.


One of those parts attached.