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odd SW entries in registry

Discussion created by Erick Poole on Apr 15, 2009
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this one has me stumped. Maybe some tech types can figure it out.
I have SW09 recently installed. Runs ok. Inirtal loads (starting SW) were very slow, if i selected and changed options it took about 5 min for screen to go away. After many possible fixes that did nothing i went digging in the registry.
And BOOM under the entry "Solidworks journal file" i found (ready for this) over ( now sit down) , over 500 pages (yes 500) of data for that one entry. This enrty is just a file path so what the?
i deleted the data and got an instant fix on SW. However i keep checking the same entry and IT KEEPS GROWING!!. it seems SW is writing to thi sentry repeatedly. the enrty becomes filled with "CURRENT_USER" written over and over. It is even overwritten on itself, After awhile it looks like "CURRCURRCURRCURRENT_CURRENT_USERCURRENT_USERENT_USER"
(or some such crap as that) and continues forever!!

What the heii is going on here? its not like we paid big money for this prog ,( oh wait we did!!!)