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Pdm pro drawing & model/ assy revs?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Aug 8, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Søren Stærk


         We've been using pdm pro for a couple of years & it appears that different business units are doing things a bit differently. Not everyone was really happy about using it. My bottom line question is, in my unit whenever we bumped a rev it would affect both the drawing & the model or assy. Like both would bump to "C", or whatever. Some others deal with it, in the manor that if the model isn't changed they don't necessarily bump that file up, just the drawing.

      I'm just wondering if others do it either of these ways, & what the long term effects are on things. I would prefer keeping everything at the same level, but as we cross units more, it might be difficult for me, a designer to get that much cooperation. We set it up as Engineer release, so it's hard to get everyone to flow with things, etc. For example right now I'm working on a couple were the model was a bit behind, what's been going on with the drawing revision wise.


Thanks in advance for any input;

Rob_D SW 2018 _sp5.