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Extrusion length as a design study parameter

Question asked by Greg Brookes on Aug 8, 2019

I have an underwater ROV deployed tool i am attempting to model addition of buouyancy foam to.


I know the volume required to make the entire assembly neutrally buoyant, the width is fixed but I can vary the height and length (Y and Z dimensions) of the foam section to attempt to place the center of volume directly above the center of mass of the tool assembly.


I have worked out how to add a sensor for volume, one for center of mass in the Y axis and a target value for both, I have the height of the foam added as a parameter but my issue is adding the length as the foam is an extrusion from a 2D sketch and I can't find how to reference it in a design study?


Is there a simple way to dimension the extrusion?Annotated image of ROV tool and buoyancy foam


Thanks in advance for any help!