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Solidworks PDM made a vault but not a database

Question asked by Samuel Cohen on Aug 7, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Sam Sam

Hi, I'm working on the 2018 Student version of Solidworks PDM. We currently have one vault and today I tried to create a new one. Now, when you look at the Administration view, it shows that there are two vaults:

When I open the top one, it works fine. When I open the bottom one, I get this (after logging in using the default admin password):

When I was creating the vault, I got some error about the archive server (which I'm kicking myself for not screenshotting) and the setup decided to rollback it's actions so far. I distinctly remember seeing in the progress bar it saying "Creating database for <vault>" and then after it failed, "Deleting database for <vault>". I then tried again so that I could better document the issue, but I got an error saying that a vault with the same name already exists where it didn't before. 

I can't delete or edit the new vault in any way without getting that issue. I've tried working on it both remotely where the PDM and SQL server is installed as well as locally through the administration tool.