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swDrawingViewTypes  - What type of view is 'Standard view'?

Question asked by Chris Manger on Aug 6, 2019

I have some code where I want to verify the user selected a particular type of drawing view.   The drawing view types listed in this Enumeration list below is mostly self explanatory except for "Standard View".  I cannot figure out what kind of view this is.  If you create views using the 'Standard Views' displayed under 'Orientation when creating a view (Front, Top, Side, ISO, etc), this returns '7' which is a 'Named View'.   


What view defines '6 - Standard View' ?



swDrawingAlternatePositionView10 = Alternate position view
swDrawingAuxiliaryView5 = Auxiliary view
swDrawingDetachedView9 = Detached view
swDrawingDetailView3 = Detail view
swDrawingNamedView7 = Named view
swDrawingProjectedView4 = Projected (unfolded) view
swDrawingRelativeView8 = Relative view to the model
swDrawingSectionView2 = Section view
swDrawingSheet1 = Drawing sheet
swDrawingStandardView6 = Standard view