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Changing a virtual component's external references?

Question asked by Michael Posner on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by Michael Posner

I have a virtual component that references other components within an assembly.  Everything was working fine until I changed the name of the top level assembly in Windows Explorer.  Now, the virtual component that references other components within the assembly has the ->? symbol, and when I check "List external references" I see that the component is referencing the correct part but with the old name of the assembly.  In other words, the reference is "Correct Part^Old Name" rather than "Correct Part^New Name".


I know that with external parts I can click on the "References..." button of the Open dialog and select the correct reference, but of course the Open dialog is not used for virtual components.  


Is the only way to deal with this to change the name of the assembly back to the old name, then open the assembly and change its name back to the new name while the assembly is open?  Is there a more elegant solution?


And as a best practice, how should I be changing the names of assemblies?  Only from within Solidworks?