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impact analysis of a bracket mounted bumper

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Aug 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Taylor Duran

I need some advice on how to proceed here.  I'm bringing a mass going at a specific speed to a stop, using a bumper mounted on a bracket.  I have the force/deflection curve for the bumper.  

I know I need to use a nonlinear analysis.  How to model the mass coming in?   Do I use an assembly with a blob to represent the mass, and a spring between the blob and the bracket?  How to set up the initial conditions and the time steps?  


Is this a dynamic analysis, a nonlinear, or a combination of both?


There's amazingly little information out there, other than "take a course."  Fair enough. Which course to take?


FWIW, my company also uses plastic parts, so the nonlinear course would be handy.  But the impact is what I need.