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How can I set the output CS with a macro?

Discussion created by Greg Marz on Aug 5, 2019
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When I export models for my shop to use they must have the coordinate system At the center of the block. What I normally do is create a CS at the location I need And then when I export the file I hit "option" and select the named CS I made (always Named "export"). Yes this gets the job done BUT it takes a lot of extra time.


I have been using macros and #task to speed thing up and its great.  My problem is When I run a macro there is no option to set the output CS. I have tried setting the Output CS in the System options, Export. That seems to work if I set that 1st then call Up each file and export it. I do not need to hit the "options" button and select the CS. But when I run a macro it ignores the output CS that I have set in the system options.


I want to set the output coordinate system in each part model and have that stay Set and saved with the model. Can that be done?


I spoke to my VAR and he told me to add the following:


dim result as boolean result = SetUserPreferenceStringValue(swUserPreferenceStringValue_e.swFileSaveAsCoordinateSystem,"export")


But when I add that I get the error in the .png file.


When I sent this to the Var he said he would pass it on.....


Anyone have any idea of how to do what I need?