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Annoying pop up dailog box

Question asked by Damien Petty on Aug 5, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Damien Petty

This dialog box that pops up EVERYTIME I touch the cut-list (or BOM too, I believe) is infinitely frustrating..

I mean, I know I need it and it serves its purpose well. But it almost always pops itself.. Exactly. In. My. Way..!!

I know I can move to near the top of the cut list and it "may" stay there next time it pops up.. But when the cutlist is long enough to need scrolling up, the damn box pops up right there in my way again..

Is there any way to dock it permantly around the screen somewhere..?

Or, at least a setting or tweak of some kind that enables it to appear again in the "Last Known Position"..? (ie. Where I put it and it stays there..)

I have searched and experimented and only ended up raging at it uselessly..?

Anyone have any ideas..