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    Measure deviations

    nuno miguel

      In my final thesis i doing a bechmark with some softwares.
      I have to create a surface from a scan 3d and before measuring the deviations in a CMM, i have to do a preliminar choice in each software, to get the best model of each one an the use the CMM.

      In CATIA it was OK, it gives lots of information between the diferences of the point cloud/mesh/surface.
      In the quick surface reconstruction menu it has a deviation analysis and a curvature mapping besided all the information you can get while creating the mesh and the surface.

      With solidworks i don't know how to do it.
      In the evaluate menu it has a curvature, zebra stripes and deviation analysis menu but it just gives me information of measures between faces, not between point cloud/mesh/surface.

      Does anyone know if it is possible to do it in solidworks also?