Chris Harrington

Crashed/Rebuilt PC, Network License Server, No Luck with Command Line

Discussion created by Chris Harrington on Apr 14, 2009
Had a solidworks user using Version 13 crash. System was unrecoverable. License was borrowed at the time from a Network License server.

Laptop was rebuilt, and has the same name as the original laptop. Version 16 of Solidworks was installed. As of now, license is still showing checked out to laptop under version 13.

Have tried the LMUtil removal and the SWLUtil LMRemove command (Both standard host and -h command sets), and neither seem to return the license appropriately.

The license for Ver 16, when handed out to the same machine, shows different port information, etc., so licensing server sees the rebuilt laptop as a new license request, not an existing license request.

Do I need to stop/restart licensing services, load ver 13 on laptop and release the old license, or is there something else to try?