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I need your help to improve this matrix transformations how-to

Discussion created by Peter Brinkhuis on Aug 2, 2019
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Hello my fellow SOLIDWORKS API programmers,


Last week I was struggling a lot with matrix transformations, as you could have read in this topic. I found the API help to be unclear and incomplete. On top of that, API support couldn't really explain the concepts to me and they gave me one answer which I still think is wrong.


So I wrote a big blog post to share everything that I know about matrix transformations. I start with the very basics, what is a matrix and what is a transformation. I then show how they are used within SOLIDWORKS as IMathTransform and I end it all with a list of useful macros and forum topics.


Here it is:


I would love your input to make this post even better. Besides fixing errors, the main things I still want to improve:

  1. Add API commands with the space of their returns values!!
  2. More API examples 
  3. More links to useful articles and macros


What information or which link would you like to include in this article? What info were you missing while you were messing with transformations? Every improvement is appreciated.