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press brake bending

Question asked by Monster Jesse on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2019 by Barry Watkins

ok so my noob question in regards to (press brake) material types and gauge tolerances.

2.1 #1. Stainless steel sheets metals

2.1.1 Stainless steel sheets Use

2.2 #2. Copper sheet metals

2.2.1 Copper sheet metal Uses

2.3 #3. Brass sheet metals

2.3.1 Brass sheet metals Uses

2.4 #4. Corrugated sheet metals

2.4.1 Corrugated sheet metals Uses

2.5 #5. Galvanized sheet metals

2.5.1 Electro-Galvanized sheet

2.5.2 The hot-dipped metallic coated sheet

2.5.3 Galvanized sheet metals Uses

2.6 Other Minor types of Sheet Metals

2.6.1 #1. Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

2.6.2 #2. Hot Rolled Steel Sheet

2.6.3 #3. Mild Steel Sheet

2.6.4 #4. Aluminum Sheet Metals

 is their a standard somewhere to reference or are the tolerances per-bend/angle determined by the designer?

thanks again for any links or mentoring here, thanks