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ToolBox parts not same in model as in database.

Question asked by Matt Juric on Aug 2, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by Tom Helsley

We have a model that is showing a single ToolBox Part incorrectly on a single machine. It's a 3/8 lock washer. All of our fasteners are part no, general description and specific description. When I look at the toolbox in my machine it shows this part correctly with the correct part number, description etc. When I look at the Toobox on the one machine that is not working it shows the incorrect information in the database.


Both machines are directed to the same TB on the PDM system. 


When I create an assembly and insert this part it has the incorrect configuration on this one machine. Create a drawing and it shows incorrectly on this one machine. If I open the model and drawing on either of the other machines it shows correctly. 


We have rebooted, cleared PDM cache, Updated all TB parts,deleted and re-inserted parts all with the same end results. For some reason, somewhere on this one machine it has this part stuck and won't seem to let go of it and get the correct one. 


Any other part from the same database, say 1/2" hi-collar lock washer, works fine and matches what is actually in the TB database. 


Any thoughts?