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weld connector not transferring load

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Aug 1, 2019

I've what should be a fairly simple model of a roller, consisting of a center axle, and outer barrel, and a couple of plates welded between the two.  Outer shell is specified as a .125 thick shell, and the plates are .5 thick shells.

I've put weld connectors between.

First problem:  I get a message that  "contact entity cannot be processed properly" with "contact set-41" and "contact set-40".   Those numbers don't agree with the Connectors list, so I don't know which ones are the problem.


Second problem:  If I try and use single-sided welds, I can't pick the intersecting edge.  I suppose it's on the shells, but how I show that? Showing the mesh doesn't help.


Third problem:  I'm ready to give up on weld connectors and go back to solids. But once you've defined a part as having shells, how to remove that definition?  I can't see any way to do this.


Fourth problem:  Somehow, with a previous iteration of my model, I was able to get the model to run.  I had projected a sketch on the inner surface of the barrel to create an "edge" I could use to pick for the weld.  But that split caused two weld connectors to be created, each for half of the barrel, and they wouldn't transfer load, and I got a large-deflection error.  Not sure what to do about that.


I'm about ready to throw up my hands, delete the entire model, and start over again.  But on the off chance there is a solution, I'll throw this out there.