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EPDM Transition task with datacard condition

Question asked by Arnaud Henry Lefort on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Arnaud Henry Lefort

Hi All,


I am just looking to use the EPDM 2019 new function.


I managed to auto-create the DXF of a sheet metal part (if a "default flat pattern" view is available) but the task start for every part file and that take time in mass release. I also save a TIF of the drawing in a folder but the TIF is generated for every DWG however I only want to do it for a type of DWG (explode views).


Someone knows how is possible to execute a task depending of a check box in the datacard of the file ? I would like to have a check box and if the checkbox is tick lunch the task during the transition to avoid generating file we don't need, win time on the machine that create all the file and stop having task failure notifications.


Also how can we leave the task erase the old generated file in a PDM folder ?PD 


I hope that makes sense.


Thanks for the help.