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Looking for method to create custom property that is a portion of an existing custom property.

Question asked by Dustin Biber on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Dustin Biber

Using SolidWorks 2017, the method described in the link below appears to no longer function... it was unsupported functionality.

Is there a way to fill out a part property that contains some of the file name, but not all of it? 


I have part files that essentially have a PartNo custom property that is a seven digit number along with a dash number.  Example: 1234567-001


I would like to create a custom property called DrawNo.  The DrawNo property is to be the first seven digits of the PartNo property.

Example: 1234567


I'm not looking for a macro that can do this... that is quite trivial.  I would like this built in to my part template.  The ultimate goal is that this DrawNo value be displayed at the drawing level.  I am open to other automatic methods to display this at the drawing level.