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Animation incosistencies, motion mates, keyframes.

Question asked by Vlad K on Apr 14, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 30, 2009 by Vlad K
Hi to all,

I've been working on a trailer model for a few months now, and everything was going great

until i got to SW 2009 Motion Study.

My assembly is basically a mobile theme ride (trailer) which contains several folding and telescoping mechanical sub-assemblies (about 70 fully defined parts).

My problem specifically is the inconsistency of mate relations after i create and recalculate. It is very frustrating as after (by chance) rendering a successful animation i cannot really change small elements within, as i have to re-mate everything to achieve favorable results.

Now, i have done several successful animations in the past, but on a smaller scale, so there is some experience followed by a set of expectations for a given time frame.
But the current situation is disproving all of the confidence i gained from previous projects.

My workflow is disturbed drastically and everything relating to this animation is becoming more difficult day by day.
In turn i am also starting to have difficulties restraining my self from going nuts over such ill-logical happenings.

In the process, i have even invested in 8gb of ram and a stupidly fast Hard Drive with a x64 setup.
And all i get from my upgrades is a faster rendering time which is 100% worthless when the product is a tangled mess of parts.
By the way i am running an FX1700 video card.

ON a subtle note, i have noticed that a lot of the issues are consistent. For example, when i open the assembly file i know that after clicking the motion study tab i will have to change 4 mates for sure. The weird mate dimension numbers usually change to .704988 every time, when it should be 15.5 .

SO, just wondering if anyone has gone through this pain? and if there are any viable solutions to this craze.