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Can a Top-Level Property Update to Live Model Changes?

Question asked by Scott Boerman on Aug 1, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Scott Boerman

Hi All,

I am struggling to find a method to create a top-level assembly property that is built from a combination of subassembly configurations and dimensions/state of assemble features.


Big picture – this is for a configurable assembly which be sold to customers who use SW and would be able to drop-in the assembly, configure it initially using the configuration publisher (and make changes later) and purchase the configured assembly.  


(Side-note – I’m working under the assumption that it is not possible to “re-open” the configuration publisher to permanently update a model once an assembly has been dropped into a design and the configuration publisher process occurred.  If there is a way to re-open the configuration publisher that would most likely be a solution to this problem.)


Back to the challenge – when the configuration publisher does its thing and the assembly is brought into a design there is a custom property “Supplier Part Number” which is built within the design table as desired and all is good up to that point.   But the problem is that often times customers will need to make changes later on, changing either the configuration of subassemblies or of sketch dimensions/feature states of a top-level feature.  The changes can freely be made to the model, which is a good thing.  However the design-table-generated Supplier Part Number property does not update.  This leaves a significant opportunity for error when the design/BOM are published, the BOM supplier part number will not match the model hence the incorrect part number would get ordered.


So it seems there are a few potential solutions, none of which I have been able to achieve:

1) Make the property “supplier part number” update based on model-values of subassembly configurations and sketch dimensions and states of assembly-features, after having been initially defined in the design table.

2) Make the design table update (even if it needs to be open-closed) for any changes made in the model to subassembly configurations, states of assembly features, and dimensions in top-level sketches.

3) Build the top-level property outside of the design table, including some logic for the states and dimensions of top-level features and configurations of subassemblies.

4) other options?


Attached is a surrogate design (SW2019) which includes the basics of the challenge.  The actual product is substantially more complicated, if anyone wants to see it let me know PM and I can send it if it would help.


Another side-note: one behavior I do not understand is the “Allow(or Block) model edits that would update the design table”.  With “allow” selected, edits to the model can be made freely both to dimensions in a top-level sketch and also to configurations of the components.  For changes made to dimensions in the top-level sketch, the design table does indeed update when it is opened/closed.  Configurations of components however do not update – the design table keeps the previous values for these configurations and pushes them back to the model when the design table is closed.  So this unfortunately does not seem to offer an avenue for a user to update the supplier part number property by opening/closing the design table.


Thank you in advance for looking at this, any/all suggestions are appreciated!