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Pipe Clamp FEA doesn’t solve with consistency

Question asked by Karson Klein on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2019 by Shawn Mahaney

I'm trying to run an FEA simulation on a pipe clamp to see if you can tighten the bolt enough that when a piece of equipment is mounted to the clip angle it won't slide down the pipe or rotate on the pipe but also the clamp pieces won't yield under the bolt tension.


Attached is a photo of how I have it setup. I just have a global no penetration contact setup with a friction coefficient. When I run my study, sometimes it'll solve and show that there's not much stress in any of the parts, other times it'll send an error saying equilibrium can't be achieved, and sometimes it'll say that I need to reduce my friction coefficient for it to run.


Based on the inconsistencies, I don't trust when it shows that the model how a low amount of stress in it. Can anyone help with ways to check if the results are reasonable? Also, is SolidWorks Simulation setup to run this kind of FEA study? I haven't found any other example of someone running a pipe clamp study like this using friction searching online. To me it seems like solving for friction is hard for it to solve since there is only tangent faces touching making it a line contact point instead of a face with some surface area to it.