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Macro to display configuration specific property values on a BOM

Question asked by Fsx Staff on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2021 by Markku Lehtola

I would like to track 'Color' of all parts/assemblies in an assembly configuration alongside the configuration name that it applies to in my BOM.


I would like my BOM table to display similar to this: (note the colors that I am using are number codes, 00,01,02 etc)

Item # / Part # / Description / C1 name / C1 color / C2 name / C2 color  

The closest two ways I have been able to get this information side by side have been clunky enough for me to delve into the world of macros to see if it is possible.
Method 1:
    Set config for default drawing view on sheet1 to C1.
    Create new drawing view on sheet1 and rename to C2.
    Set config for C2 drawing view to be C2.
    Create a new BOM for C2 drawing view with the C2 color column displaying properly.
    Hide all columns except the C2 Color column and move it to the end of the C1 BOM
Method 1 is not acceptable because it is impossible to tell (without  having duplicate PN columns) if the colors being referenced
in the column actually line up with the part numbers from the C1 config.


Method 2:
    Create two COLOR columns in the BOM.
    Individually link each cell in the C2 Color column to the C2 drawing view
    Rename column title to C2 color.


If links break or new items are added the information will not display properly and is not readily apparent that the link is broken.


Ideally I would like to have a macro that opens up the specific configuration for each part (all parts will have a C2 config in them),
resolve the C2 COLOR value and show that in the BOM table.


I would also be happy to have a macro that goes through and links all the values in the C2 Color column to the C2 view on the drawing sheet automatically.
It doesn't matter if they overwrite existing links because ideally if anything changed I could re-run the macro and it would fix itself.