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Prevent SolidWorks from deloading file when not in focus

Question asked by Chris Pratt on Jul 30, 2019

I've noticed that when the SolidWorks (SW) window looses focus, some information is de-loaded. That info is reloaded when the window come back into focus. How do I prevent this de-load re-load?


Situation: I am working with a excessively large 1,000+ parts assembly file. As a reference, the file takes 4 minutes to open. When the SW window looses focus and then regains focus (i.e. I tab over to FireFox, the window completely covers SW, and then tab back) SW spends ~30 seconds reloading something. How do I prevent this? I have a MASSIVE computer so my hardware is not the problem.


On SolidWorks 2019 Service Pack 3.0, Windows 10 Version 1809, 64GB ram 12 core processor.