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Issue with save as PDF

Discussion created by Stefan Sterk on Jul 30, 2019
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2020 by Anne Dirk Hietkamp

I have a problem when I use save as PDF more than once. The first export goes well, but I get the following message after using it more than once; "PDF Export: Unhandled Exception. Report Error". And a failed PDF output.


The message after trying to save as PDF more than once:


Solidworks drawing:


Failed PDF output:


I can save another drawing as a PDF without any problems by restarting Solidwork, but only once. So I have to restart Solidworks every time to save a drawing to pdf. Pretty time-consuming.


Things I tried but didn't work:


Things I tried that do work:


Reinstalling the whole operating system does take a lot of time because you have to reinstall every application again.

Probably a good idea to create a restore point within windows, but that's not what I've done one the system that has the issue now.

Creating a new local user account seems to be the only simple solution without having to reinstall all the applications again, but there will be missing some user settings.


It's the fourth time that this issue appeared on a system over here.

For now, I made a new local user account, but I curious if there is another way to fix this issue without having to create a new local user or reinstalling the operating system.

So any ideas?


System Info

OS | Windows 10 Pro for Workstations (x64 - 10.0.17763 Build 17763)

CPU | Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2136 3.30GHz

RAM | 32 GB

GPU | NVIDIA Quadro P2000


Solidworks 2019 SP3