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5 hours of productivity lost.

Question asked by Donn Strutton on Jul 29, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2019 by Josh Brady

I created an assembly with a sketch to define the cross section of 12 individual rings.

I then inserted new parts and created rings based sketches that were converted from the single assembly sketch.

I then used the hole wizard to add holes to the top and bottom surfaces of the rings.

I then formed new subassemblies to contain the rings that will be bolted together in the real life assembly.

I then opened the subassemblies to add bolts.

Upon opening each subassembly the detail sketches defining the cross section of each ring in the subassembly became shifted irreconcilably from the origin.

I deleted all of the part files since the sketches that defined them couldn't be shifted since they were converted entities, that became shifted somehow.


Before I waste 5 more hours, can someone tell me if there is a safer way to do this?

Is this level of parametric modeling too much for Solidworks 2018 to handle?