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"configuration" versus "model set" and their usage together

Question asked by Luke Thompson on Jul 30, 2019


We have Visualize Pro and i'd like to get some clarity on the distinction between and use of the "model set" and "configuration" features.


I see the page about model set and configuration below


I don't understand why the configuration feature exists when the model set also exists. They seem redundant except configuration only seems to save appearance information.


It seems the model set is able to save not only the appearance information, but also the opacity, enable/disable, and translation information


In the help it says "You can also assign model sets to configurations, so that a particular configuration can reference a particular model set. However, model sets cannot have their own configurations." and I see some of that working, but now i've got 2 places to store my appearance data. 


Is there a flow chart or some other resource on how these features interact with each other? This is very confusing.