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Convert modified files with task scheduler

Question asked by Matheus Piccolo on Jul 30, 2019

hello, I'm proving to create a macro to convert the modified files with solidworks task scheduler. The idea is that I modify the solidworks files and once a day this macro checks what has been modified and converts it to dwg, step and pdf formats. That way I don't have to worry about converting files. The macro file I am attaching already saves the files the way I need them.


I need to add a function that checks the file modification date in all folders and subfolders of a directory. And convert me only the modified files. It should work as a backup program that converts only modified files.


Attached macro behavior:


With an open drawing file converts the file to dwg and pdf. Opens the part in the drawing and converts it into a STEP file, closes the 3d model and returns to the drawing. (STEP conversion to assemblies does not work). The saved files are placed in the same directory as the original files but a subfolder with the format name is created. 

The macro also adds me to the file revision Ex: FILE A.PDF, FILE B.PDF


backup converter solidworks task scheduler save dxf and pdfsave pdfsave changesconvert to .dwgconverting_drawings_to_pdf