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How to create a footprint from STEP file object

Question asked by Roger Rollins on Jul 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Roger Rollins

I have to add a footprint to a PCB lib from which I only have a .step drawing (only the bottom layer visible now). I know it's not possible to import this type of file  directly into PCB. But if I could just place the pads, outline and drill hole onto the drawing... but it is also not possible to add stuff when in 3D view, only in 2D, but there I see only a big blue rectangle of the .step file. So, my question: is there a easier way to draw lines and pads according to an imported drwaing than placing pads and line 'blind' in 2D view and then check if they match in 3D view, switch back and forth from/to 2D and corrent them again  and so on? Maybe someone has more experience and might tell me some hint?