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Win 10 file explorer hangs

Discussion created by Justin Pires on Jul 26, 2019
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I've been struggling with Win 10 File Explore on Win 10 Pro 1809:

1.) Sometimes it hangs for a long time when I open a project location (It may be indexing or something. Green bar at the top loads to infinity.)

2.) Sometimes it crashes.

3.) Sometimes it crashes and takes SW with it (Hard crash here no SW error reporting service comes up, its just gone). When it does, it resizes SW (I have mine spanning 2 displays) and blows away my custom tool bar information

4.) one of the 3 problems happens every day, usually only once per day.

5.) non repeatable and intermittent


No I have not reached out to my VAR, I'm not sure what their capabilities are but when I call its always something they cant help with.


Silver Lining I may have found the solution and by chance something that has improved my overall system performance.

Quick Access: I had my two network drives, two project folders, Main C drive, and a bunch of other crap there because I thought it was a place to store "short cuts" or something. I removed everything then cleared the history and made Win 10 file explorer open to "this PC" instead and had a Major impact on my file opening speed. After a few restarts I don't seem to have the green loading bar of doom anymore but I'll have to see how it behaves for a few weeks.


That is all, carry on.


Edit: I'd like to mention Joe Jiang and his post here

08-13-19 Edit: File explorer still hangs occasionally but not to infinity anymore and I haven't had the crash since I did my best to disable Quick Access. Seems like Quick Access is the culprit here.