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What is the cure for this error?

Question asked by Michael Paul on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Dan Pihlaja

occasionally, while working in an assembly and trying to generate a cross section, I get this error.


the error reads "The Model could not be properly sectioned by the section line.  Please check that the section line cuts through the model"


in my case, I'm not using a sketch or section line to cut my model, I'm using a plane.  a plane should be infinitely large so it should cut through the model.


in Creo, sometimes a section would fail to be crated because one of the parts had an error.  often times because the model in question was being represented as a surface indicating an error in the math to create a solid, though not necessarily a failed feature.  is that what may be happening here?  and if so, how do you figure out which part is causing the problem?


I can physically create an assembly cut without any problem even when that cut is aligned to the datum plane I'm trying to use for my section.  so the parts appear to be able to physically be cut, just not when using the section command.


is there anything I can check to figure out what is causing the problem?  I don't need a section for a drawing, just during review checking for fits and such.  technically I can actually still seethe section as it shows me my section while I'm adjusting the position of the section plane.  it's only when I hit the check mark that it fails.