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PDMWexport and pdmwimport utlilities 2008

Question asked by Rob Nunes on Apr 13, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2009 by Rob Nunes
Has anyone tried either of these two utilities located in the directory c:\programfiles\solidworksversion (2008)\pdmworks workgroup server\vault


I have read a claim that these files will import/export "projects" from one vault to another.

pdmwexport.exe - When launched, this tool will prompt for login and then display all the projects in the vault for export. You simply check the projects you want to export and click "Go". This will create a file called "export.pdmw" in the PDMW vault folder (server side) under the "PDMRC" folder. This file contains all the information about the project structure, user accounts, credentials, revision scheme, lifecycle and file properties.

pdmwimport.exe -This tool would then be launched on the destination system where the target PDMWorks Workgroup vault resides. It will also prompt to log into the target vault and then point to the source vault folder.