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Rigid virtual wall contact must be defined for foundation bolt

Question asked by Sagar Patel on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2019 by Mohamed El Orche

I am trying to create a Virtual wall. Situation is the foundation bolt gets bolted into concrete floor. Strength of concrete is given 22 Mpa. I have created virtual wall>wall type>Flexible>wall stiffness>22Mpa for axial and tangential stiffness. As i run the simulation, solver says define RIGID virtual wall for foundation bolt. Can anyone tell whats going wrong. Is my setup wrong? How can i relate 22Mpa Strength concrete floor in solid works? To use foundation bolt, is it necessary to have rigid virtual wall? The purpose of this study is to find the pull out force acting on the foundation bolt which holds the whole model into concrete floor which has strength of 22MPa. Please guide. Model attached.