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Can I change the text qualifier when exporting a BOM?

Question asked by Nathan Barrow on Jul 25, 2019

When exporting a BOM (Bill of Materials) from Solidworks PDM as a CSV, Solidworks adds the "quotation" qualifier to protect from unwanted instances of the delimiter. In a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file, the comma is the delimiter. 


e.g. Shopping List

Apples, Bananas, "Coffee Beans, Italian dark roast", etc.


Within Solidworks assemblies at my company, our Engineers have created engineering descriptions that include the " qualifier to designate inches. e.g. 1/8" bolt


This creates a problem exporting the BOM as the quotations within the description become unqualified causing the delimiters to activate.


e.g. Hardware List

Nails, "1/8" bolts, steel", "1/4" screws, copper", 1/8" washer


Causing the CSV to export: 

| Nails | 1/8 | bolts | steel" | 1/4 screws | copper" | 1/8" washer |


Instead of:

| Nails | 1/8" bolts, steel | 1/4" screws, copper | 1/8" washer |


My question is: Is it possible to tell Solidworks PDM to use a different qualifier to separate instances of delimited text?


e.g. Using ` instead of ".

Nails, `1/8" bolts, steel`, `1/4" screws, copper`, 1/8" washer