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Routing Tube Fitting Part Validity Issue

Question asked by Jaymes Kyle on Jul 25, 2019
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Quick background: SW CSWP, 16 year user, less than a year Routing user. Expert in design tables & Configs.

   I have created a massive library of all of our parts, configured in sizes and materials for all of our machinery routing/plumbing of hydraulic & pneumatic operations.

In the attached small assembly of some of the pneumatic fittings, one of the fittings has an error when I try to add it to my "Route Test Validation" to check each part that it works for routing, before using it in a machine company-wide.

One of the first errors that pops up says "Please specify valid routing components to start the route" and that is odd as I created this part just as I did for all of the other components within this assembly.

Next, if I try to "Edit Route" I get the error "Some of the Route stubs have been created in the wrong direction & must be corrected manually to fix the problem permanently.

Lastly, if you look at the parts in the assembly, you'll notice that it is creating the stubs on some of the parts at the RPoint, not the CPoint, not sure why it is doing this but it shouldn't be.

There are design tables for each one of the components, all necessary data should be within the tables per the routing add-in common setup.

I have/am using these fittings in current assemblies without any issues, this one part seems to be the trouble.


Thanks for any help,

Jaymes Kyle, Allegan MI

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