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PDM update references doesn't show missing files not found

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on Jul 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2019 by Brian Stoddard

So, I have an assembly that I did a Pack and Go to bring into PDM Professional 2017.  One of the components already resides in PDM  When I check the assembly and associated files into PDM I get the check in popup as expected saying the parts that will be checked in and the file that says "File Name Is Not Unique".  I checked in the assembly and component that is not new and in the folder, I deleted the non-unique part.  I get the popup as expected stating it is referenced by the assembly.


After checking out the assembly and the newly added component, I go to Tools/Update References.  When I do this, the only thing showing is the assembly and the newly added component.  The component I deleted doesn't show so I can replace it.  It should show with the warning "File Not Found".  I can't click Replace File because there is nothing showing to replace.


If I open the assembly, I get prompted to browse to find the component so the component is still showing in the assembly.  Is there a setting in Administrator that I'm missing or something else?


Solidworks 2017

PDM Professional 2017