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Defining fluid subsections in Flow Simulation

Question asked by Albert K on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2019 by Micheal Johnson

I have an assembly made up of several different parts and I am trying to run a Flow Simulation on it.  One part of the simulation includes tubes which water flows. The tubes stick out just slightly above most of the assembly. How should I go about defining all of these as fluid subdomains? The water would theoretically keep flowing in a tube after the end of where the assembly has the pipe end, but I do not care about that portion of the water.


Do I need to create a cap for each of these volumes? Whenever I try to choose the inside of the pipe it highlights the entire computational domain region and I am wondering how I make sure that the fluid subsection is only the regions from one end of the pipe to the other without putting a real physical barrier on them.


The tubing is all one solid part but was made with 3 different curves as seen in the pictures below. I have tried clicking the sides of the walls on all 3 portions to set the fluid boundary, but none of this has worked.