Joel Gilbert

CASWUG News & Updates July 2019

Discussion created by Joel Gilbert on Jul 25, 2019

Leadership Change:

As of July 2019 Chase Draper is stepping down as group leader due to his current workload and responsibilities outside of the group. We appreciate his leadership and look forward to seeing more of the projects he has been working on in future meetings.

My name is Joel Gilbert and I am taking over as group leader at this time. I have already been working on some plans for upcoming meetings. I would greatly appreciate any input that our members have regarding technical topics, venues, meeting format, etc. and I am excited about some of the things that are being planned.

Who am I?:

For those who may not remember me, my name is Joel Gilbert, and I have been using SOLIDWORKS since 2013. I have a widely varied background, but at my core I am a problem solver and tinkerer. My primary design focus has been on structural steel, piping and mechanical systems.

Our Next Meeting:

Our next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, September 12th and will be hosted by Hardware Park in downtown Birmingham. There is plenty of parking available as they not only have street parking but also an off-street parking lot adjacent to the property.

We will have our usual technical presentations, along with presentations from some of the Hardware Park partners who use SOLIDWORKS to create some amazing products. The two main topics I have in mind right now are Design Tables and Weldments, but I am open to requests for technical topics to cover in order to be as helpful as possible to everyone in the group.

About Hardware Park:

About two years ago I heard about a project called Hardware Park being started by a few different partners in downtown Birmingham. Hardware Park is intended to be a collaborative environment to assist startups and innovators with the process of taking ideas from concept to manufacturable product. For more information see their website: Hardware Park — Birmingham, Alabama 

I look forward to seeing everyone in September and hope you all are enjoying your Summer so far!