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Join Feature messed up.  No Repair?

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by David Matula

In early today to beat the heat..  and noise.

SW has been misbehavin this week, big problem with a joined part jumping references to a completely different file.

No way to edit or repair.  Absolute killer.  Happened twice now.  Once just randomly and once with a Pack'n'Go.

VAR can't help.  Mentioned that's there's some SPR about Join.  Same thing happened to a Cavity.

The file thinks it's in context, but the feature is out of context and editing in context jumps to a completely different sub-assembly.

Just happens to one of three similar subs.. that were all spawned from the same master sub using Pack and Go.  Somehow something is majorly messed up with this workflow.