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no data filled in tab builder

Question asked by Dan Aninaru on Jul 25, 2019
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I would like to fill MATERIAL in my cut list, starting from tab builder (I have a xls file with materials in one tab). The link with the excel file storing the material seem to be broken so no way to make selections. When I type, in the material field the material this is not retained in my cut list and not either in cut list summary, also. Whats is wrong not doing well?

After this I tried to start from cut list summary entering the material, but doesn't retain the material as well. 


For description field in tb, I don't need to put nothing because is good for me to replace with cut list name. (have to eliminate DESCRIPTION from tb)





my tab builder is saved as a weldment, see this

this is my cut list, very simple but missing the materials and getting rid off by default description containing PLATE .....



Please what do I have to do?  Do I have to create a new library with materials ?. Really I would like to continue using my excel file with all of theses materials because is easier.


thanks in advance  

Dan, have a nice summer but waiting for you