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Why do I only have features and no solid bodies?

Question asked by Daniel Sevier on Jul 24, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2019 by Daniel Sevier

I created a muffin pan with 2 solid features---Which I thought should be solid bodies. (My Merge Result boxes were checked). I want to COMBINE these 2 supposed bodies, but I have no solid bodies folder in my tree. Any idea why I have no bodies? (Consequently, my Combine button is greyed out.) I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO TURN THESE FEATURES INTO BODIES. (Screenshot provided below illustrating no Solid Bodies folder in the tree.)


I tried creating fillets between the top planar surface of the muffin pan (A solid extrude) and the muffin cups (solid extrude with a draft), but that didn't help to create bodies.


My Solid Bodies folder is set to Automatically show in the settings.


Please help! Thanks.




(SW file attached)