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Issue creating custom weldment profile

Question asked by Ryan Samuels on Jul 23, 2019

I'm currently trying to create a circular weldment profile of 0.011811 inches to be used in a face centered cubic structure with vertical struts but am running into issues. No matter what I have tried, I cannot get a size to show up for the custom weldment as a primary and secondary structure, although a Standard and Type are there. For some reason, all of these populate in the structural member tab and the simple circular profile can be used through that, but not as a primary or secondary member.


I need to do that because I want the corners of the lattice structure to be flat, so a pattern can be repeated and they can fit together well. I have tried multiple tutorials and saving different ways but nothing seems to allow me to directly use my custom profile. Furthermore, I do not have administrator privileges to alter the solidworks files and am using solidworks premium 2019.


If you have any other recommendations for creating a face-centered cubic lattice with vertical struts in Solidworks, I wouldn't mind hearing that too.