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    2D Sketch from part in drawing

    R. Main
      I'm using SW2008.
      I have a 2D sketch defined in a part which I would like to display in a drawing.
      It probably should have been a drawing from the start, but I made a 2D sketch in a part because I wanted to reference geometry in another part (so they started out in an assembly).
      Can I create a drawing from my "sketch-part", or do I have to start again and go straight from the part I want to refer to into a solidworks drawing? If so, I also have to import & overlay a DXF into the same drawing.
        • 2D Sketch from part in drawing
          Mark Kaiser
          In the drawing, you should be able to right click on the sketch in the feature manager tree and select 'show'. If this doesn't work, try selecting the sketch and using 'convert entities', to copy the sketch onto your drawing. The downside of convert entities in a drawing is it doesn't update parametrically, you have to re-convert if you change the sketch in the part.

          Overlaying a dxf... you should be able to import the dxf into the part file, orient it, and check it against the part/sketch you need to. Go to insert>dxf/dwg via the pull down menus. Not sure if I understood your dxf question, though.