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Need RGB from Appearance Color

Question asked by Hepzibah Chandranand on Jul 24, 2019

The color property in the AppearanceSettings can be set using the RGB values like this:

color_value = MAX(MIN(red_rgb_value,255),0) + MAX(MIN(green_rgb_value,255),0)*16*16 + MAX(MIN(blue_rgb_value,255),0)*16*16*16*16



The component uses an appearance file 'satin finish aluminum.p2m' (attached)

The dominant color of this component is

Using the above equation the color value should be = 16733263


I use swModelDocExt.get_DisplayStateSpecMaterialPropertyValues() using swDisplayStateOpts_e.swThisDisplayState for DisplayStateSetting to get the AppearanceSetting.  But, the color value returned is 15592165


Why is it different? Can someone please explain.


How can I get the RGB value of the Dominant color from the appearance color integer value?

( I need RGB[79, 84, 255] from Appearance Color integer 15592165 )