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How do you rename Add-ins in Administration tool?

Discussion created by David Lane on Jul 24, 2019
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I am attempting to install the new Creo add-in to our vault. There is an x64 and x86 version that need to be added to the vault. The method for adding the add-ins to the vault is to right click, new add-in, and select the required .dll files.


The x64 and x86 files are named identically, and when I create the second add-in (x86) it has the same exact name as the first add-in (x64). How can I rename the first add-in so that it allows me to add the second add-in?


I tried adding all the .dll files to the same add-in, but it doesn't like this because they are of duplicate names. There are 5 files required for each version of the add-in so I'm not sure if it's okay to rename the .dll files.


Edit: As I reread the instructions, I think it might mean to install the 64 bit version which will include the functionality of the 32 bit version. I'm not entirely sure though as it says 32 and 64 bit components have to be installed in the 64bit environment. To me the components are the .dll files, and the environment is the administration tool in the desired vault.