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Add Note with 'Border' (balloon) around specific text

Question asked by Charlie Boushek on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Charlie Boushek

Hi All,

   I have a macro that currently creates a note on a drawing by retrieving custom properties from a selected part. (see pic #1 for current result). I would like to add a balloon around the item number as shown in pic #2. I can manually do this by selecting that specific text and selecting 'Circular', 'Tight Fit' border in the note properties. Any idea how this is called programmatically? 


NOTE: I can add a single note with the entire text ballooned but i'm not sure how to do the balloon around only specific characters within the note.


This bit of code will balloon the entire note: 

      strBalNote = "This is my Note"
      Set tmpNote = Part.InsertNote(strBalNote)
      boolstatus = tmpNote.SetBalloon(1, 0)