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Network license manager - even there is an optionsfile with a group of users an notlisted users cann access the solidworks, how could this happen

Question asked by Thomas Artelt on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2019 by Jerome De San Nicolás

We have build up a new license service (via activation) and added an optionfile to this service in order to provide the acces to the licenes to specific users. Suprisely an user which are not in the list will get a license. If I looks in the logs all looks fine, if  I start the service I see the information that the optinsfile has been read. But it looks like does it not work, but I also see no errormessage.

My problem is I need the optionfile, because it will recreated every early morning by a skript, which looks into the AD for a specific group and ad the member of this group to the optionfile. In this way the customer himself can manage the usage of license