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On No. Not Another PDF Macro

Question asked by Andew Cotterell on Jul 23, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2019 by Tony Jones

Despite trolling through the many macros available and attempting to cut and paste code (I think that is what the guru's call it) I am unable to find or make any attempt work. I've tried to modify the macro from Deepak ('Export Drawing as DXF_PDF (Revision).swp 12/15/14) and mix and match with others but I need to stick to my day job...


I am looking for a macro to save drawing as pdf and dxf. (One action).

Save into the same location as the open drawing.

Use the drawing file name and append with the drawing revision. (Custom Properties).
If the file already exists, ask for confirmation.

Open the pdf when complete.


All sounds very familiar to existing macros, but I am unable to find the exact one?
Your help in directing me to a macro or tweaking one to perform as above is much appreciated.


Preferred format - FILENAME Rev A.pdf


I have used "Export All Built By RAF September 2015" for a while (which is excellent) but this overwrites existing files and I cant seem to get the revision letter to add. If the new macro or interface happens to include saving with STEP and STL all the better.


Thanks heaps.