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How can I stop PDM from overwriting a file property on initial check in into the vault?

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on Jul 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by Mike Dekoning

So, I'm having a weird thing happen when I save a drawing into PDM.  In my Custom Properties tab on drawings, I have a section for users to fill in for Base Description (using the Description property) and Drawing Number (using the Part Number property).  When I save the drawing into PDM, the value entered for the Drawing Number section gets overwritten with the part number of the part/assembly the drawing was created from even though that property in the tab is not linked. 


If the drawing was created outside of PDM and dragged into PDM, the value does not get overwritten.  Any help with why this is happening would be appreciated.  I know I can edit the data card after check in but that seems tedious.  Below is my process with creating the part & drawing and putting it into PDM:


1. Create the part and fill in the Custom Properties that link to the drawing.




When adding this into PDM, this is the data card screen pop up (part number is highlighted).




2. Create a drawing and fill in info in boxes to drive the Description and Number column in PDM.



When saving into PDM, this is the data card screen.  Notice the number changes from 55555 to 123456-01, the same as the part.




The Custom Property tab value also automatically changes.




This is what the Property Tab Builder information looks like.