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SW 2019 Setback?

Question asked by Frank Root on Jul 17, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2019 by Frank Root

Is anybody else experiencing increased load and save times, increased instability (crashes), and increased graphics issues since upgrading to SW 2019 SP 3.0?


We recently upgraded from SW 2018 SP 5.0 a couple of months ago and have experienced all these and more.  Large assembly open and save times appear to be about doubled, crashes have increased 3-5x, graphics issues including increased fluttering and delayed highlighting (when selecting in the feature tree), and just general quirkiness that required restarting SW.


We have certified hardware (Dell Precision 5820 tower), graphics card (Quadro P4000) and driver (have tried three of the four certified for this configuration).  So disappointed as 2018 SP 5.0 seemed to be the best cut in some time, just to see some major back-tracking in 2019 (SP 3.0).  If we could go back, we would, but with a sizable PDM data base, that isn't going to happen.


My advice, upgrade to SW 2018 SP 5.0 but hold off on SW 2019 for the time being.