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Lofted bends and Miter flange problem

Question asked by Graham Duffy on Apr 12, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2009 by Christopher Thompson
Hi there,

I am trying to model a part from an old Pro-Engineer examples book I have, out of sheet metal .

I have created the main body of the part using a lofted bend (as the top and bottom rads are different).

Then the next thing I want to do is to create a miter flange for the hook at the top, but hang on, its not even an option!! Why is this??

To overcome this I have had to create the feature with 2 edge flanges, but even then I could not keep the design intent without a great deal of fudging (converted the entities into a sketch with driven dimensions and played about with the two edge rads until the sketch dimensions matched what I was aiming for).

I'm studying for the advanced sheetmetal exam and ideally I don't want to be fudging things at this stage, so any help would be much appreciated.

If this is a solidworks limitation, does anybody know a logical (relatively bodge-free) way to achieve this result?

I haven't tried this yet in Pro-Engineer, but I'm assuming it should be very easy due to this being a course example.